Either make Naruto hokage or show Kakashi’s face we did not dedicate almost 700 chapters to not see at least one.

Royal Pirates for Lady KyungHyang  ©

Photos by Park Jaechan | Hair & Makeup: Soonsoo Cheongdam Shop | Stylist: Choi Jinhye

Darkness on my eyes 

James on leaving America to pursue his music career in Korea

Yunho’s hugs are so sweet (x)



Petition to change the lyrics of Exo’s Overdose to “Someone call the lawyer”

They needed the doctor first but SM said no.


i had to


Itachi or sasuke➜ asked by anonymous 

"self-sacrifice… A nameless shinobi who protects peace within its shadow… That is a true shinobi"

amazing tvxq performances  →  maximum (1/4) | 11.02.25

shout out to this outfit. for obvious reasons.

Photographer Mokena Jung Site Update

141001 Jaejoong - 2014 Korea Drama Awards

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